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6 signs of Immigration SCAM in Poland. Be careful of fake documents!


1. What is Immigration SCAM?


Immigration SCAM on the Internet is a serious criminal offense.

Did you know that not only distributors and creators of forged documents are subject to criminal penalties?

Few people know, but those who use and present false documents or false information about themselves to customs, border control, any immigration authorities or just the police can also be charged with a crime and are the subject to any criminal penalties.

What is more, it is quite difficult even for professional experienced attorneys to prove your innocence in Court in case you are just a victim of immigration SCAM. 

Unfortunately, many immigrants are too easy targets for scammers. Now we are talking about immigrants who do not understand the immigration process and the requirements of Poland for immigrants, and also do not speak Polish or at least English. Moreover, people who are not familiar with the bureaucratic processes of obtaining Polish documents and want to get a guarantee of 100% result in the shortest possible time.

Currently, the immigration SCAM in Poland targets immigrants at all stages of the immigration process. For example, you may be offered a visa to Poland, then a work permit and a residence permit in Poland. However, you will receive fake documents and you can understand it already when your documents are checked by state authorities.

Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the main features of an immigration scam and advice from our attorney below.


2. 6 signs of Immigration SCAM


1 SIGN – The Website does not display a padlock in the address bar

A padlock icon in the address bar of your screen proves the security of its visitors.

Just check the upper left-hand corner of your screen with the website. Only secure websites have a padlock icon together with the SSL certificate there. Also, secure websites start with HTTPS, not HTTP one.

It is important to mention that even if the website appears secure, be cautious and check other features of immigration SCAM on the Internet.

Be careful with insecure websites, as these people do not want to show their personal information. What is more, any personal, financial and sensitive information that you enter on such websites can be stolen.


2 SIGN – The URL of the website is totally different from the name of the company

If you see the logo and the name of the company is “Nowak&Macijew Partners” but the URL of the website is www.immigration-specialist-pl.com it looks like a not reputable law firm or immigration agency. It is possible that this website is fake.


3 SIGN – “Guaranteed” polish documents in the shortest possible time

It is understandable that each immigrant expects a guarantee and short waiting period when paying for legal help in the process of immigration and/or obtaining polish documents. However, it is impossible to predict the final decision of the Embassy of Poland, the Immigration Office and any other public authority. Unfortunately, the decision does not depend only on the quality of the work of a lawyer/immigration specialist. It also depends on the effectiveness of cooperation between lawyer/immigration specialist and immigrant, individual situation and personal history of immigrant, supporting documents of immigrant and so on. 

That’s why be careful if you see emails, phone calls or websites offering you a “guaranteed” polish documents (e.g. polish visa, residence permit, work permit, etc.), special immigration offers that are too good to be true, a better paying job, faster processing of your application. It can be an immigration SCAM.


4 SIGN – The offer of TRC in Poland without need to come to Poland and personal application

The process of obtaining TRC in Poland is quite long and difficult. In order to get TRC in Poland you have to meet certain requirements of the Immigration Office. For example, you have to be in Poland legally and have justification for your stay in Poland for more than 90 days. What is more, you have to apply for TRC in the Immigration Office personally by submitting the whole package of required documents, your fingerprints and passport. The same situation with obtaining a temporary residence card that is already ready. You can take it from the Immigration only personally. 

NO ONE can apply for TRC or take your TRC card from the Immigration office WITHOUT YOUR PERSONAL PRESENCE.


5 SIGN – Payment requests to personal bank accounts + Requests not to indicate the purpose of the bank transfer

Financial fraud in PolandA reputable immigration law firm or agency will never ask you to make payment for legal services to a personal bank account of someone. What is more, they will never ask you to make a bank transfer without indication of the purpose of payment.

In Poland reputable companies ask clients, for example:

  • to make bank transfer to the bank account of their company with the title of purchased services;
  • to make payment through official secure payment systems, like DotPay.pl;
  • to make bank transfer on the basis of official Invoice Pro that was issued specially for you with your personal data and so on.

For example, our law firm “Legal Immigration Poland” most often uses the official payment system DotPay.pl in order to offer clients an easy and secure way of payment for our legal services.

6 SIGN – Poor website content

“Poor website content” doesn’t mean only grammatical and orthographic mistakes in the content.

It also means that there are no NIP and REGON identification numbers of the company, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc.


3. Consequences of Immigration SCAM


Most immigrants are sure that if you are just a victim of immigration fraud and you didn’t know that you used a fake document, then the only problem is wasted money that you voluntarily sent to scammers.

However, the situation is completely different as it also causes serious immigration consequences. 

As we have already mentioned in the beginning of this article, “those who use and present false documents or false information about themselves to customs, border control, any immigration authorities or just the police can also be charged with a crime and are the subject to any criminal penalties”.

For example, as in this case with our client who was just a victim of scammers and asked our attorney for legal help because he was detained by border guards in Dubai due to a fake TRC in Poland document.

What is more, it can become an obstacle in visiting the whole European Union in the future as the government can block your access to the EU.


4. What should I do if I’m already a victim of immigration SCAM?


Immigration attorney in PolandIf you are also a victim of immigration fraud and are accused of using fake documents, then protect your rights and interests, prove your innocence. Do not forget that this is especially important for foreign citizens who are planning their future in the EU countries, as a criminal record for using fake documents can permanently block your ability to travel and live in the EU.

Also, it should be noted that if you need legal assistance and protection of your interests in case of using fake documents, then contact only licensed attorneys. Anyone can check the licenses of an attorney in Poland simply by using the open database of polish attorneys “National Register of Attorneys and Attorney Trainees” (https://rejestradwokatow.pl/adwokat). Remember that only licensed attorneys can officially represent you in immigration matters and help you in this situation.

Also, you can always contact “Legal Immigration Poland” law firm for any kind of legal assistance in immigration and fraud matters. Our attorney Patryk Przeździecki (license WAW/Adw/5098) knows how to deal with each client’s individual situation and has extensive experience in dealing with accusations in immigration fraud and the use of fake documents.

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6 thoughts on “6 signs of Immigration SCAM in Poland. Be careful of fake documents!”

  1. Someone recently had a polish TRC for 3 years who has never lived in Poland. And the person is expecting to use the document to travel abroad on basis of working in Poland. Everything about the document looks authentic. But your article had enabled me to know that there are wrongs guys outside there.
    I will spread the news..

  2. Joshua Appekey

    In post about the fake documents to poland as a foreigner living in different country but now planning to come to poland, how do I get TRC since I’m not in poland personally?

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