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  • Current information and legal advice for foreigners in Poland from an experienced Polish immigration lawyer. Find out how to get a visa, residence card, EU resident card and Polish citizenship on time without waste of nerves and in compliance with Polish law!

  • Current information and useful tips for foreign students in Poland. We invite you to find out an expert opinion of our experienced immigration lawyer regarding obtaining student visas to Poland and student TRC in Poland.

  • Latest news of Poland and the European Union. An overview of all upcoming events in Poland and a list of interesting places to visit not only in Warsaw, but also throughout Poland and EU.

  • Everything about the life of foreigners in Poland. Get to know all the news and events in Poland first! Useful tips and up-to-date information for students, employees and businessmen in Poland.

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"Legal Immigration Poland"

On our expert blog about Poland, we would like to offer you articles with the legal opinion of our immigration lawyer, as well as useful and interesting information about Poland.

Because we want not only to make it easier for you to legalize your life in Poland, but also to be useful to you!

Legal Immigration

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