The EU residence card in Poland is the most popular way of legalization of long-term stay among foreign citizens who have been in Poland on a permanent basis for more than 5 years and do not have Polish origin.

Immigration law firm in Warsaw “Legal Immigration” offers you professional legal assistance in the preparation and submission of documents for obtaining a long-term resident card of the EU in Poland (EU residence card in Poland) in the shortest possible time.

What do our clients get when ordering the service "EU Residence Card in Poland"?

Legal consultation

First of all, for each client, we provide a legal consultation to get to know your individual situation, on the basis of which we determine your options for obtaining an EU residence card in Poland and a list of required documents.

Preparation of the entire package of documents

We offer you full confidence in the legal correctness of the prepared package of documents for obtaining a EU residence card in Poland, which is the basis for obtaining a positive decision of polish government in the shortest possible time.

Official representation

We are the official representative of your interests during the whole period of waiting for a decision on a EU residence card. Our immigration law firm conducts the entire process of communication with polish government, specifically Immigration Office.

Immigration Lawyer

Professional legal assistance of polish immigration lawyer with more than 10 yers of experience at all stages of waiting for EU residence card.

Reservation of the date of submission of documents

We oficially register you for the submission of prepared package of documents for obtaining a EU residence card in Poland.

Personal assistance during the submission of documents

We offer our clients personal assistance during the whole process of submission of the prepared package of documents at the Immigration Office

EU residence card in Poland - Legal Immigration

What are the advantages of EU residence card in Poland?

Long-term European Union residence permit in Poland – a document issued to a foreigner to legalize his permanent stay in Poland for an indefinite period.

In the case of a positive decision of the state authorities, the foreigner get an official document – European Union resident card in Poland. The card itself is valid for 5 years.


Who can get European Union resident card?

Long-term EU residence permit in Poland can be obtained by a foreigner who has been legally and continuously staying in Poland for at least 5 years.

Moreover, the person has to have stable and regular source of income, health insurance and proven knowledge of the Polish language.

Continuous stay – foreigner’s stay in Poland with breaks no longer than 6 months, with the total duration of all breaks not exceeding 10 months. (with some exceptions)

"Legal Immigration" considers the situation of each client individually!

Our experienced immigration lawyer deals even with the most difficult situations of foreign citizens in Poland

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