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As soon as you received your visa to Poland everything is ready for your immigration to Poland! Of course, an exciting time of your new life starts right at this point, but it can also be quite stressful to start a new stage of your life in a totally new country.

Did you already think where do you stay in Poland? How do you go to your city? Where can you find apartment or room? What is the first thing you have to do once you arrive to Poland? How not to become the victim of financial fraud? How to open bank account in Poland? AND A LOT OF OTHER QUESTIONS …

Don’t worry! At our blog you can find a huge amount of articles about life in Poland together with useful tips and inspiration for foreigners. Also, you can always contact “Legal Immigration Poland” and ask our specialists for help and assistance during not only the first days but during the whole period of your life in Poland. 

Our law firm “Legal Immigration Poland” offers professional legal assistance in the preparation and submission of documents for the legalization of the stay and activity of foreigners in Poland. Namely, we successfully help foreigners with obtaining a visas to Poland, temporary and permanent residence permits in Poland, Citizenship of Poland and so on in the shortest possible time. We are ready to consider your individual situation and various justifications for obtaining any polish documents. 

What is more, we help immigrants with everyday issues of their life in Poland, such as searching for accommodation, opening bank account and so on. Our team help them avoid nerves and wasting time on solving problems. Also, we protect them from financial fraud in Poland which is growing every year!

Thanks to our experienced immigration specialists and immigration lawyer, we deal even with the most difficult and non-standard situations of foreign citizens in Poland!



If you are arriving directly to Warsaw you can get warm welcome from our specialists already at the airport or railway/bus station.

Namely, you don’t need to worry about your first steps in Warsaw because you can get “PickUp” and excursion services, as well as guidance and assistance of our experienced and friendly specialists in buying SIM-cards, opening Bank account, Renting apartment/room and etc.

During the whole period of your stay in Poland you are obliged to have valid travel medical insurance.

That’s why we help immigrants with the choice of appropriate insurer and insurance program that meets all requirements of Polish Law regarding foreigners and suits all your needs. We make sure that your insurance will cover all costs of your treatment and life accidents in Poland during the whole period of your stay.

If you are planning to live in Warsaw our experienced specialists are ready to help you to find accommodation in Warsaw that suits your needs.

Namely, you don’t have to worry about searching for accommodation because our specialists will find apartment/room in Warsaw that meets your requirements. What is more, our lawyer will make sure that the lease agreement complies with the legal laws and norms of Poland.

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