Long-term EU residence card in Poland

Mysteries of the Immigration Office: The triumph of obtaining an EU long-term resident card in Poland despite pressure to acquire Polish citizenship


Moving to a new country can be a journey full of surprises and challenges, especially when it involves complex legal procedures. Our recent success story showcases the determination and legal expertise that led to our client obtaining a Long-Term EU Residence Card in Poland after years of court proceedings. Despite facing unexpected obstacles, our client’s perseverance and our legal team’s commitment resulted in a favorable outcome that protected his citizenship preferences.

At Legal Immigration Poland, we understand the complexities of immigration law and are dedicated to helping our clients navigate these challenges to achieve their desired outcomes.

1. The Journey: Applying for Long-Term EU Residence Card

Our client, seeking to establish a new life in Poland with his family, applied for a Long-Term EU Residence Card in Warsaw. After submitting the application, he encountered an unexpected roadblock. Six months later, the Immigration Office issued a negative decision, citing a surprising reason. It was revealed that our client’s father had Polish citizenship in the past, and according to Polish law, had not lost it. This revelation led the Immigration Office to deny our client’s application for the Long-Term EU Residence Card in Poland, suggesting that he was eligible for a procedure related to confirming his Polish citizenship.

However, this posed a dilemma for our client. He held British citizenship and was not willing to relinquish it. Frustrated by the negative decision and determined to find a solution, our client reached out to us for legal assistance.

2. Our Solution: Crafting an Appeal and Navigating Court Proceedings

Understanding the gravity of the situation, our skilled immigration attorney Patryk Przeździecki delved into the case. We prepared a well-researched and compelling appeal to challenge the negative decision by the Immigration Office. We argued that our client’s preference to maintain his British citizenship should not impede his eligibility for a Long-Term EU Residence Card in Poland.

The appeal process led us to administrative court proceedings, where we presented our client’s case in front of a judge. Armed with legal expertise and a deep understanding of immigration law, we diligently argued our client’s right to a Long-Term EU Residence Card based on his specific circumstances.

3. The Triumph: Court Decision Favors Our Client’s Residency Goals

After months of waiting and legal battles, our client’s determination paid off. The administrative court recognized the merit of our arguments and acknowledged our client’s unique situation. In a decisive verdict, the court ruled in favor of our client, obliging the Immigration Office to issue the Long-Term EU Residence permit in Poland that our client had been seeking. The court’s decision not only secured his residency status in Poland but also preserved his British citizenship, aligning with his preferences and aspirations.

Conclusion: Navigating Challenges with Legal Expertise

The tale of our client’s journey to obtaining an EU long-term residence permit in Poland amidst pressure to acquire Polish citizenship reveals the complexities and intricacies of the immigration process. At Legal Immigration Poland, we are committed to assisting our clients in overcoming unexpected hurdles and achieving their immigration goals. This success story underscores our dedication to providing tailored legal solutions that reflect our clients’ individual preferences and circumstances.

If you find yourself facing unexpected obstacles in your immigration journey, rest assured that our experienced legal team is here to support you. Contact us today to discover how we can help you navigate the complexities of immigration law and secure your desired outcomes.

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