Speed Up residence permit in Poland application

SPEED UP Residence Permit in Poland now!


1. Unbelievable Waiting  Periods for Residence Permit in Poland in 2023

Is your residence permit procedure in Poland going for months with no result? Already 6 months, 8 months with no perspective for a DECISION?

Even more frustrating it may be that the immigration officer is unable to tell: when the case will be finished and when you get your residence card. You may have hired an immigration agency to assist you, but the contact is difficult and they are in no position to help you with speeding it up.

2. Fake News from the Immigration Office

You may have also heard that due to extraordinary laws in Poland, enacted as result of war conflict in Ukraine, all residency immigration procedures have been frozen, which is why you cannot obtain your residency permit within a reasonable time frame. They may have also told you that under the aforementioned laws you are not entitled to request speed up neither compensation from the Treasury of the Republic of Poland for lengthy immigration procedures.

In fact, this is all FAKE NEWS!

3. Our Success in Speeding Up Residence Permit in Poland Applications in 2023!

Only this year (2023) we have successfully expedited a number of residency permit procedures with an immediate result! Some of our clients were even awarded compensation from the State for lengthy procedures. Clients who purchased our speed up service were able to speed up decision process and get a residency permit decision in just 3 months this year! Others, who were literally abandoned by their immigration agencies, or told there’s no way to speed up their case, received their decisions shortly after mandating us.

4. Get our Help in Speeding Up Your Residence Permit in Poland NOW!

It is highly probable we are able to speed your case as well and make the Immigration Office issue a decision for you sooner than one could believe. We can expedite your case in Warsaw (Warszawa), Krakow (Cracow), Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Bialystok, Lodz.

All our speed-up immigration procedures are supervised by senior immigration lawyer advocate Patryk Przeździecki, who has 12 years experience in immigration legal practice.

5. Fill in the Form to Get Our Help!

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