Work Immigration to Poland

5 Steps of Work Immigration to Poland


5 Steps of Work Immigration to Poland

Every year work emigration to Poland becomes more and more popular among the citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine due to law requirements for work immigrants from these countries.

However, last year the number of foreigners from South Asia and Middle East that want to work and live in Poland has also increased. Citizens of these countries successfully cope with all the strict requirements of the state authorities of Poland and get not only the opportunity to work in Poland, but also the opportunity to change the life of their family for the better. After all, every foreigner who officially works and complies with all the rules for legalization of his/her stay and activities in Poland can contribute to the immigration of his family to Poland.

1. Is it worth to immigrate to Poland for work now if the market of foreign workers continues to grow?


Manufacture job in PolandYES, it is worth to immigrate to Poland for work in 2022! In recent years, Poland has been developing very actively in the fields of construction, investment, innovation and so on, what attracts not only immigrants, but also international corporations along with large investments. As a result, the demand for workers on the Polish labor market also grows each month.

In particular, the highest demand for workers is in the fields of agriculture, construction, tourism, services, etc. However, graduates with university diplomas, work experience and knowledge of foreign languages ​​are also welcome by Polish and international corporations.

If you really want to change your life for the better and build a better future for yourself and your family, then you should fulfill your dream and start the process of immigration to Poland on the basis of work


2. How to immigrate to Poland on the basis of work? What are the first steps?

Every foreign citizen who comes to Poland for work or for long-term residence is obliged to legalize not only his stay, but also his activity on the territory of Poland. However, it is not just about strict requirements and long meaningless bureaucratic processes of the Polish government, legal stay in Poland allows you to plan your future in a new country and get all the possible benefits on the equal rights with Polish citizens.

Below we suggest you familiarize yourself with 5 steps that should be taken for successful immigration to Poland on the basis of work.

STEP 1 – Searching for job in Poland

Searching for job in PolandThere are a lot of opportunities for searching for a job in Poland. You can search for a job by yourself or with the help of a work or immigration agency in Poland.

However, please, be informed that you have to be careful during your immigration to Poland process as there is a huge number of immigration and work SCAMs in Poland nowadays. Check all official information about the agency, law firm and/or your employer when applying for a job and paying fees for the help with searching for job, work visas, work permits, TRC in Poland and so on.

  •       Work and/or immigration agencies that help foreigners with searching for real official job in Poland. Some of them also offer foreigners to assist them with all legal matters pertaining to legal formalities in the whole process of preparing necessary documentation for work immigration to Poland. Our law firm “Legal Immigration Poland” also helps foreigners with the whole process of immigration to Poland on various basis like work, studies, business, etc.
  •       LinkedIn – a world-famous social network for business communication and searching for job offers/employees. This social network can be used for both passive and active job search. In addition, this social network can be used as a channel for finding work abroad, since very often large international corporations have job offers there. What is more, a lot of firms themselves are looking for suitable employees there.
  •       Pracuj.pl and Praca.pl are Poland’s most popular job search services with useful employment information and tax calculators.
  •       Gumtree.pl and OLX.pl are popular free ad services where you can find part-time jobs and internships in hospitality, service, reception, call centers, manufacturing, gastronomy and so on.
  •       Absolvent.pl is a website that is suitable for students and university graduates. They offer useful information about job searches and internships, as well as arrange job exhibitions every 6 months.
STEP 2 – Obtaining a work permit in Poland

When you already have a job and work contact in Poland, you can start the process of obtaining a required work permit in Poland. Usually employers make it by themselves, but not always. Sometimes they need the help of law firms in this process, too.

If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland then you may legally work in Poland only on the basis of 1 of the following work permits:

  •       Work permit in Poland

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy there are 5 types of work permits that can be issued for foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland: A, B, C, D, E.

  •       Seasonal work permit (Type S)
  •       Declaration on entrusting work to a foreigner entered in the declaration register
  •       Certificate of entering the application for a seasonal work permit in the register of applications.

Please, take into account that the required type of work permit in Poland depends on your individual situation. For example, it depends on your citizenship, type and period of work contract, employer, job position and etc.

STEP 3 – Obtaining a national type “D” work visa to Poland

Based on obtained work permit, invitation from the employer and work contract you can apply for national type “D” work visa to Poland at the Embassy of Poland in your home country.

If you correctly prepared the whole package of required documents, you get your visa to Poland in 14 days.

STEP 4 – Your arrival to Poland
STEP 5 – Obtaining work TRC in Poland

As soon as you legally come to Poland with all documents listed above, you can apply for Temporary Residence Permit in Poland based on your work if you have the intention and justification of your stay in Poland for more than 3 months (90 days).


Now you can see that the process of work immigration to Poland is not so difficult and long. But you have to spend your time for understanding of the whole bureaucratic process and preparation of required documents by the Polish government.

BUT is it a problem when you can make your dreams come true and immigrate to Europe? Of course, no.


If you need legal assistance and /or discussion of your individual immigration process, then you can always contact us and make an appointment for “Legal consultation in Immigration case” in order to start our effective cooperation.

Our experienced immigration specialists together with our polish immigration lawyer Patryk Przeździecki will analyze your case in detail together with all the documents you have and based on this analysis they will advise you and tell you what risks and opportunities you have, how it is better to proceed further in your case in order to immigrate to Poland based on official work in the shortest possible time and comply with all Polish laws regarding the legalization of the stay and activity of foreigners.

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