The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in the way organizations work around the world. This also influenced changes in the work of “Legal Immigration Poland”, as well as the organization of the work of Polish state authorities and legal acts in relation to foreign citizens.

This means that the legalization of the stay of foreign citizens on the territory of Poland, namely the process of legalization and the conditions of legalization for foreigners are also full of changes.

Thus, “Legal Immigration” wants to present you 2 possible forms of legal consultations with maximum safety for the health of our clients and employees. Exactly, we offer offline and online consultations.

In addition to it, we would like to inform you about changes in the field of legalization of the stay and activity of foreign citizens in Poland during the period of “Threat of epidemic” in Poland.



Our clients are at the 1st place for us! We take care of your needs and pleasant service!

Therefore, in order to keep our clients and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have started to conduct legal consultations ONLINE!

However, we also continue to provide legal consultations OFFLINE in our comfortable office in the center of Warsaw at 70 Wspólna Street (floor 2), where we also take care of your safety (we offer you hand sanitizers and masks).

Therefore, now you have the opportunity to choose the type of consultation: online or offline!

Онлайн консультация юриста "Legal Immigration"



You should not leave your home and risk your and your loved ones health during the COVID-19 pandemic


Our legal services are available to you, even if you are at home abroad or on the road. You just need to sign up for an online legal consultation in advance.

Your mobility

We will provide consultation for you regardless your location, so your travel plans do not depend on us, and you will have complete freedom of travelling around the world.

Economy of time

You don't have to waste time on the way to our office and back ... You can spend this time on yourself and your loved ones


Comfort and safety of our office

We are always glad to invite clients to our comfortable and cozy office in the center of Warsaw, where we take care of the safeness of our clients and employees (we offer hand sanitizers and masks).

Personal meeting

A personal meeting will help us quickly establish contact and create an atmosphere of trust during our cooperation.

Economy of time

You do not waste time on printing, signing and sending the necessary documents (for example, a contract or power of attorney), because we sign everything at once in the office.

Delights for you

We offer our guests drinks and sweets.

Легализация пребывания во время COVID-19

Relevant information for foreigners during the covid-19 pandemic


“Legal Immigration” provides clients and guests of our blog with information on the latest changes in the field of legalization of stay and doing business for foreigners in Poland during the period of “Epidemic Threat” in the country.

Because the pandemic caused by the coronavirus has affected not only changes in the work of state authorities, but also Polish legislation on the legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland.

Detailed information on changes in Polish legislation for various groups of foreigners can be found in our current articles below. We constantly monitor changes in legislation and regularly update information!

Actual information for individuals

According to Polish legislation, every foreigner staying in Poland for more than 3 months must legalize their stay.

However, because of the coronavirus pandemic in Poland, the “Epidemic Threat” state was introduced, which means new rights and opportunities for foreigners regarding legalization of their stay in Poland for this period.

Important! FROM MARCH 14, 2020 AND 30 DAYS AFTER THE END OF THE STATE OF THE EPIDEMIC, certain groups of foreigners receive new rights and opportunities regarding legalization of their stay and conducting business in Poland.

Юридические услуги для бизнеса Варшава "Legal Immigration"

Actual information for business

The coronavirus pandemic has had a global impact on daily operations of most companies around the world what has led to huge reorganizations in their work.

Therefore, if you do business in Poland and have employed employees, then during the period of the threat of an epidemic in Poland, you must strictly comply with Polish legislation regarding the provision of your employees with truly safe and harmless working conditions. It means that organizational changes in the working process have to be done.

Non-compliance with requirements may result in a fine from PLN 1,000 to PLN 30,000.

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