Legalization VS. COVID-19


The Coronavirus pandemic influenced not only changes in the work of state authorities, but also Polish legislation regarding the legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland.

And this means that when the situation of “epidemic threat” occurs and the situation of  “threat of epidemic” is introduced in Poland (from March 14, 2020) and 30 DAYS AFTER THE END, foreigners have new rights and opportunities.


  • Foreigners have the right to legally STAY on the territory of Poland, if the documents confirming their legal stay expire during this period (e.g. residence card, national visa, Schengen visa and visa-free travel)
  • The deadlines for submitting documents for legalization of stay (e.g. residence cards) are extended
  • Extension of the validity dates of previously issued WORK PERMITS (including seasonal work permits and employers’ statements about the difficult situation of foreigners)
  • Foreigners do not have to issue new documents to extend their legal stay in Poland. (visas, residence cards, etc.)

But! If you are staying in Poland on the basis of documents permitting a short-term stay (Schengen visa, visa-free travel), these changes in the conditions are applicable only to foreigners who have ALREADY BEEN IN Poland on March 14, 2020. The changes do not apply to foreigners who crossed the border later!

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