Student immigration to Poland in 2021


Immigration to Poland – Studying in Poland

Immigration to Poland on the basis of studying at polish university is one of the easiest ways of immigration for graduates of High school and Bachelor studies. Every foreign citizen can study in public or private university of Poland.

Why should you choose the option of immigration based on studies in Poland?
  • Graduation from polish university gives you free access to the polish labor market (graduates of full-time studies of polish universities do not need a work permit)
  • Graduates of polish universities have the period of 9 months to search for work and the opportunity to legalize their stay in Poland on the basis of a temporary residence card
  • A diploma of graduation from polish university will always be your advantage not only for a job application, but also for a residence permit application
  • High European quality of education. After graduation from polish university, you will have a european diploma, which is recognized not only in the EU, but also abroad!
  • Numerous discounts in Poland up to -50% with a student card (Legitimacja):
    • Traveling by public and rail transport (-51%)
    • The Beactive program, which includes various gyms throughout Poland, allows students to pay only 59 zł per month for gym, pool, group classes, etc.
    • Cultural program: Cinema (-20%) and Museums (often free)
    • Various cafes
Immigration to Poland. Studying in Poland. Student immigration
What educational institution can it be?
  • Higher education institution (preparatory courses and long-term courses of the Polish language at the university, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies)
  • Post-secondary school
  • Foreign Languages Centre (long-term polish language courses)

Details of immigration to Poland on the basis of studies in post-secondary school and foreign language school you can find in our previous article.

The form of the educational institution, public or private, does not matter! HOWEVER, this must be a STATIONARY (FULL-TIME) FORM OF STUDIES!

Prices for studies in polish universities

Most of foreigners think that education on the territory of the European Union is of high quality and promising, but expensive.

However, tuition fees at polish universities are among the lowest in Europe.


For 1 year of studies, you will pay from 2000 to 6000 euros.


Most foreign students in Poland choose to study at private universities such as Vistula University, Lazarski University, Kozminski University. Because in these universities students have the opportunity not only to obtain a European diploma of higher education, but also to take advantage of an incredible number of programs for international student exchange. Moreover, most of the private universities in Poland attract foreigners by the lack of entrance exams.

However, free studies at public universities in Poland are also available for foreign citizens!

If you want to study for free and know polish language, then you should apply for scholarship programs for foreign students, sponsored by both universities themselves and the government of Poland.

Among scholarship programs for international students, the most popular are NAWA, Gaude Polonia, the scholarship program of Konstantin Kalinovski, Visegrad scholarship program, Krzysztof Skubiszewski Scholarship. Also, every year some public universities allocate free places for foreigners. But it should be noted that the competition for these “free places” is quite high and you have to show not only your academic success and knowledge of the polish language, but also your potential!

Among such universities are:

  • Technical University of Lodz
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • University of Economics in Katowice
  • University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

However, holders of a Pole card can study at state universities in Poland absolutely free of charge and enter universities on an equal rights with Polish citizens.

Also, it is important to mention that every foreign citizen who comes to Poland for a long-term period (more than 90 days) is obliged to deal with the issue of legalization of their stay and activity in Poland.

Therefore, every foreign student who wants to plan his promising future in Poland is obliged to take care of obtaining TRC in Poland (Temporary Residence Permit). The temporary residence permit in Poland is called “Karta pobytu czasowego”. Obtaining this document will be your first step towards obtaining permanent residence permit or an EU resident card, and, in the future, Polish citizenship!

The “Legal Immigration” team is always ready to help you with legally correct legalization of your stay in Poland and obtaining your student visa to Poland in 15 days. We also offer you to familiarize yourself with our services for obtaining a residence permit (karta pobytu czasowego), permanent residence (karta pobytu stałego), EU resident card and Polish citizenship.

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