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Legalization of stay and activity in Poland

Every foreign citizen who comes to Poland for a long-term period (more than 90 days) is obliged to comply with the Polish Law on Foreign Citizens. Polish law establishes quite strict rules and periods of stay and activity in the country. However, not every foreigner knows and complies with his/her rights and obligations in Poland.

Foreigners are required to strictly comply with all the conditions and rules of the Polish Law. What is more, if you are interested in the long-term prospect of staying in Poland, then first of all, after arriving to Poland, you should officially legalize not only your stay, but also your activities. After all, your happy future in a new country should be planned in advance.

Studying in Poland. How should students legalize their long-term stay in Poland in 2021?

Foreign students who have been admitted to Polish educational institutions (lyceum, post-secondary school, university, preparatory courses at universities, language school, etc.) come to Poland on the basis of a polish national student visa type “D” or on the basis of a visa-free regime.

National student visa to Poland can be obtained at a visa center or at Polish embassy in your country of origin upon submission of required list of documents, such as a certificate of admission to educational institution of Poland, confirmation of payment for studies, bank statement, medical insurance for a period learning and so on.

What are the first steps that students should take already in Poland?

To simplify the student’s life on the territory of Poland, the “Legal Immigration” team advises immediately upon arrival to deal with the following issues:

Getting all the listed documents will greatly simplify your future life in Poland in such matters as obtaining residence permits in Poland, registration certificates and statements from public officials, visiting clinics and hospitals, getting credit, purchase and registration of your own car and real estate, etc.

Is it enough to have only national student visa type “D” for legal stay of student in Poland? Is a residence card required for a student?

The stay of a foreign student in Poland on the basis of a polish national student visa type “D” is a sufficient condition for legal stay! BUT only for the period for which this visa was issued (no more than 1 year). Then the student must return home to his/her country of origin to obtain a new visa.

Obtaining a temporary residence permit (“karta pobytu czasowego”) is not a prerequisite for legalization of student’s stay in Poland. However, if a foreign student thinks about the prospect of building his/her own happy future in Poland, then he/she should deal with the issue of obtaining a TRC in Poland!


Opportunities of foreigners that have recieved a TRC in Poland:
  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residence card, EU resident card and Polish citizenship!
  • Traveling to EU countries without the need for a visa
  • Possibility of issuing official invitations to Poland for your close relatives (obtaining a national polish visa type “D” for your relatives)
  • Simplified system of registration and doing business in Poland
  • The possibility to buy real estate or car in Poland
  • The possibility of receiving financial help from the state authorities
  • You do not need to return home to apply for a visa to countries outside the EU, since all documents can be submitted in Poland (including visa to the United States of America)

If you are interested in obtaining a polish national student visa, temporary residence permit (“karta pobytu czasowego”), permanent residence permit (“karta pobytu stałego”), EU resident card or Polish citizenship on various basis, then the “Legal Immigration” team is always ready to help you with the legally correct legalization of your stayand activity in the territory of Poland.

In addition to it, we can advise you not only on legal aspects (your rights and obligations in Poland as a foreign student, nuances of application for an internship, work, etc.), but also on student life in Poland — we are ready to answer all questions you are interested in and tell a lot of interesting and useful things about the advantages of being a student in Poland.


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  1. Sudhakar Bangera

    I have used “Legal Immigration” services for my son’s “Temporary Residence Permit” as his Student “D” visa was expiring in 2 months (issued in India). The LI understood the problem, guided and worked on essential documents, obtained appointment for submission (online was showing as full for a month), and finally obtained TRP

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