Residence permit in Poland based on family reunification

Overcoming Obstacles: Triumph in Obtaining a 3-Year TRC in Poland for USA Citizen after a False Marriage Accusation


Immigration journeys are often filled with twists and turns, and sometimes even misunderstandings can lead to serious roadblocks. In a recent case that underscores the importance of expert legal representation, a citizen of the USA managed to secure a 3-year Temporary Residence Card in Poland after facing a negative decision due to allegations of a “fake marriage” with a Polish citizen. This heartening success story highlights the dedication and prowess of our immigration attorney Patryk Przeździecki who navigated the appeals process to help our client achieve the residence permit he deserved.

At Legal Immigration Poland, we recognize the complexities that can arise during immigration proceedings. Our commitment to justice and our clients’ rights drives us to continually pursue favorable outcomes; no matter how challenging are the circumstances.


1. The Challenge: Overcoming a False Allegation

Mr. John, a citizen of the USA, found himself in a situation he never expected. After marrying a Polish citizen, he was faced with allegations of a “fake marriage” by the Immigration Office in Warsaw. Despite the genuineness of their marriage, the negative decision cast a shadow of doubt on his application for a family reunification Temporary Residence Card in Poland.

The implications of this decision were far-reaching. Mr. John plans to live and work in Poland together with his wife, a citizen of Poland, were at risk, and he needed swift and effective legal intervention to rectify the situation.

2. Our Solution: Expertise and the Power of Appeal

At Legal Immigration Poland, we understand that a negative decision doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Our skilled immigration attorney Patryk Przeździecki, armed with a deep understanding of Polish immigration laws and a strong commitment to our clients’ well-being, took charge of Mr. John’s case.

Using our experience, we initiated the appeals process on Mr. John’s behalf. With a comprehensive strategy in place, we presented a compelling argument that demonstrated the authenticity of the marriage. We gathered evidence, testimonies, and documentation to counter the false allegations and shed light on the genuine nature of their union.

3. The Journey: Persistent Pursuit of Justice

Our immigration attorney Patryk Przeździecki thoroughly reviewed every detail of the case. The appeal process required dedication, perseverance and careful legal analysis. We countered the false “fake marriage” claim with evidence that highlighted the emotional, financial, and social aspects of Mr. John’s marriage.

Through scrupulous documentation and persuasive advocacy, we demonstrated the legitimacy of the relationship, providing a clear picture of the commitment shared between Mr. John and his Polish spouse.

4. The Triumph: A 3-Year TRC in Poland Granted

After a rigorous and thorough appeals process, the Immigration Office recognized the truth behind Mr. John’s marriage. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our immigration attorney, the negative decision was overturned, and Mr. John was granted a 3-year Temporary Residence Card in Poland based on family reunification.

This success not only symbolizes our commitment to justice, but also highlights the resilience of people who refuse to let unfounded accusations determine their path.

Conclusion: Empowering Dreams through Legal Expertise

Mr. John’s story is a testament to the power of legal expertise and unwavering dedication. At Legal Immigration Poland, we take pride in standing by our clients’ side, advocating for their rights, and using our legal experience to help them overcome obstacles. The successful outcome of Mr. John’s case is a reflection of our commitment to securing justice in the face of adversity.

If you’re finding it hard to understand how to immigrate to Poland, or facing unjust allegations that threaten your dreams, know that our immigration attorney is here to provide the support and legal guidance you need. Contact us today to discover how we can help turn your immigration aspirations into reality.

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